Gaea Jess

Artistic Director of Cadance Academy

Gaea Jess, the Artistic Director and Owner of Cadance Academy, is a highly skilled and accomplished dancer and educator. With a double honors degree in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Dance and Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University in Toronto, she has dedicated her life to the art of dance and wellness.

Gaea has been dancing since the age of 3 and has received intensive training in many dance styles. Her background in kinesiology led her to specialize in Learned Self Regulation, a discipline that trains individuals to maintain optimal performance levels through stress management, performance and health enhancement, wellness, and educational applications.

Gaea has had a rich and diverse career in dance, having taught and trained in Australia and Canada, and traveled extensively throughout New Zealand, Thailand, and Malaysia. During her time in Canada, she has taught at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks in Calgary, and performed as a company member of 12th Avenue Dance Company and as a freelance performer for Carter/McRae events. In addition to her dance training, Gaea is a Stott Pilates Instructor, an AFLCA personal trainer, and a certified Hatha Yoga teacher.

Gaea became the owner and Artistic Director of Cadance Academy in 2006 and has since made a significant impact on the dance community in Nova Scotia. Under her direction, the academy has become a leader in dance education and was certified by the Nova Scotia Department of Education to grant High School credits to its ballet students. The academy has also been awarded a “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Valley Chamber of Commerce, and recognized by the Nova Scotia House of Assembly for its outstanding performance in their annual “Nutcracker” production.

Gaea continues to share her passion for dance and wellness, and is a respected member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association, having served as the Ballet Chair for the Atlantic Branch for many years. She is dedicated to providing her students with a high-quality dance education, and remains committed to staying at the forefront of the industry by attending workshops and training sessions to continue to deliver high caliber dance training.