Session Classes




It’s not just a type of dancing – it’s a culture!! Learn the history and language behind the culture and the basic movements such as rhythmic clapping, footwork, and Flamenco port de bras. You’ll also learn the first of four Sevillianas, a folk dance originating in Seville and danced every year at a festival time by children and elders alike. Female dancers should have a character skirt (or a full knee-length skirt) and character shoes or a low square-heeled shoe with straps.

Pas de Deux


A class involving both male and female dancers. Female dancers with at least 3 years of strong pointe work will be paired with a partner to learn pas de deux combinations with aid of the barre and also in the centre. These combinations will lead up to learning a classical pas de deux.

Move & Groove Hip Hop


This class will be based around a fun no judgment environment where you will learn a choreographed body positivity fun routine. No experience is needed to join, just the ability to have a great time and love yourself!

Parent & Tot


This is where you can start your child’s dance training!  It includes rhythmic play and movement.  It is a great way for a child to first explore the world of dance in a safe environment.  Bring your toddler out and stimulate their minds with music and movement. It is a great bonding experience for parent and child!

Adult Open Level Ballet


This is a classical ballet class designed with the adult in mind, a perfect way to experience the exhilaration and grace of Ballet. Have you ever wanted to be more graceful or been wanting to get back to your ballet roots? If yes, then this open level ballet class is for you! This class ranges from beginner-intermediate with the occasional advanced student. For students without prior ballet training we recommend starting with some private lessons before entering this class. Standing barre work and centre floor exercises will be given to enhance coordination, strength, balance and flexibility. Be prepared to tap into your inner swan with this class.