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My daughter loves Cadance Academy! This is Allison’s fifth year at the studio taking ballet, and first in jazz. Cadance provides a friendly and encouraging environment with quality dance instruction. The teachers are great role models who work on proper technique while making it fun and building confidence. Allison looks forward to going to every class where she has made new friendships and many memories. There are lots of opportunities to try different styles of dance, challenge yourself with ballet exams, and to perform in the much anticipated end of year recital and Nutcracker. We are very lucky to have such a professional dance academy here in the Valley!

Julia MacCormick, Allison Fader

When I think of Cadance Academy a smile breaks across my face. As a newcomer to Canada, it was very exciting to find my first job in an environment that embraces everyone no matter their background or beliefs. I began working as the Office Manager at Cadance Academy at the beginning of March 2021, two months of arriving in Canada from Jamaica. Gaea and her team immediately instilled in me the confidence that coupling my admin experience with skills I had gained volunteering with a dance group in the past was exactly what was required to get my job done.

The director, Gaea Jess, along with her carefully selected team of instructors and assistants go the extra mile to inspire persons of all ages to use dance to express themselves, learn a lifelong skill in the arts, get exercise and have lots of fun doing these things. Their talents and knowledge of the various genres of dance are unquestionable but are gently and patiently imparted to students at each level in a manner that makes learning easy. The eager faces of the young ones in attendance each week, no matter how shy and hesitant they may be initially, are no different from the excited expressions of the more experienced students enjoying what the school has to offer each season. 

The shows speak for themselves, as their sold-out audiences react with delight pleading for additional showings which they attend repeatedly. From costume selection to showtime is like a pot set to boil, starting with small bubbles and ending with a feverish pitch and a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Their themed classes, bring-a-friend days, open houses, session classes and camps are tailored to ensure that no matter your schedule or age, there are always opportunities to participate. Their ballet exam students thrive each year as they move to new levels and are fittingly recognized each step of the way, both by the academy and externally. 

Not to be forgotten, along with the level of professionalism displayed, Gaea and family welcomes everyone like they are a part of the family. Everyone’s input is valued and there are always opportunities for staff and students alike to provide feedback and share their thoughts. Gaea would often stop by the office to just have a chat about my family and home country, or be seen having a little chat with instructors, parents, and students in the hallway. The “home away from home” setting is also evident based on the number of past students and their relatives, friends and businesspersons from the community who come together and volunteer their time, skills, and resources to guarantee the success of every Cadance event. The atmosphere encouraged my daughter who is very reserved to join a class, open up and continue pursuing her passion, dance. 

Overall, Cadance Academy provides the motivation, encouragement and support needed for personal growth in a safe environment that just makes you want to dance. Gaea’s continuous efforts to ensuring the studio is always ready, warm in the cold times, cool in the summers and beautifully decorated throughout the year speaks to her dedication to Cadance not just being a studio, but a comfortable space for inspiration and creativity. It’s a great place for all to learn and express themselves; students and staff alike reap the benefits. Cadance Academy, and everyone I came across in the year I spent working there, will always hold a special place in my heart and mind.


Gaea and the teachers at Cadance foster a love of dance and give my daughter the confidence to express herself through creative movement, helping her build a strong body and a strong mind.  I have experienced this personally, as I grew up attending Cadance and now I am thrilled to watch my daughter enjoy the same benefits. My daughter has been dancing at Cadance from a young age, she eagerly looks forward to every class and summer dance camp. The passion for dance and a love for arts that Cadance is teaching her is apparent, often bursting into dance out of pure joy. Thank you so much for everything you do to make dance fun.

Jessica Poirier

Our daughter was getting older and growing more and more interested in trying new things!  Naturally, we’re always on the hunt for activities that our children will enjoy and can fit in with our busy schedules.  Since being first invited to Cadance’s “Bring a Friend Day” we’ve been hooked!  Hunter has learned so much in the past year, the teachers provide such a fun and friendly environment in this beautiful studio, and the Parent Portal allows us to have easy access to the information and communication that we need.  We love Cadance!

Jessica Langford

Joining Cadance was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health and wellbeing. I was so nervous about getting back into dance after a 15-year break, but my instructors and classmates immediately made me feel like part of the Cadance family! The classes are fun and encouraging, and I’m constantly learning new things that help me grow as a dancer and build confidence both in and outside the studio. I also appreciate how as an adult, there are still opportunities to perform in The Nutcracker and our year-end recital!

Rachel Whitney

Last year, the 2021 Cadance performance of The Nutcracker was my first glimpse into the intricacies of putting on a ballet that has such a rich traditional and historical value. Everywhere I looked there were various individuals contributing to the final production in endless forms. There were those in the neverending costume department, the organizers of countless props, the builders of the huge set, a massive collection of dancers of all ages with all forms/levels of experience, and of course the amazing choreographers and directors such as Gaea and Laila pulling all the pieces together. I think it is this joining together of such a diverse community to create a truly unique performance every year, that makes the experience of being in the CaDance Nutcracker some of my most memorable moments. Not only has it astronomically grown my abilities of onstage performance, but also has strengthened both my skill–set and an abundance of friendships created throughout the months of rehearsal offstage. As December is nearing, and rehearsals become more frequent, I am reminded that of course, performance weekend is extremely exciting, but it is also the time spent in the studio in the months prior that is just as fun, where I get to dance with others every week while contributing to a larger group effort. Lastly, I see it as a true privilege to be dancing the role of the Nutcracker, something that would never have been possible without the constant support, acceptance, patience and education provided by every single individual at CaDance Academy bringing me all the way from my first open level ballet class two years ago, to the present 2022 CaDance performance this December.

Tayah Strong